We focus on your brand

PULSOS is a European Design Consultancy focussing on maximizing the value of design in business. We bring 15 years of experience working for a number of design consultancies with strong client portfolios all over Europe.

Our team

A network of highly skilled and dedicated designers, located in Germany and the Netherlands, developing products from the initial idea down to the smallest details.

Our belief

We see that companies increasingly consider design as a competitive advantage for their business and want to exploit all aspects of its potential value. We focus on fulfilling this need by developing products from a business and user perspective, in order to achieve a product which is desirable to your clients and profitable to your company.

Our approach

A successful product can only be achieved by considering all the needs – even unspoken – of its future customers and the potential benefits that it will bring to all. Our approach is based on a strong user and market research, the consideration of future scenarios and a thorough knowledge about business, technologies, aesthetics and user lifestyle.